Roselyn Phyllis Polsky

Roselyn Polsky was a devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother. She lived life on her own terms right up until her passing at age 87 years old. Roz had a positive attitude, always saw the good in everyone, and could easily empathize with all different types of people from every walk of life. It was these qualities that attracted people to her throughout her lifetime. She was one of five children, daughter of Anna and Philip Stillman who were Russian, Jewish Immigrants. Roselyn was the first woman in her family to graduate college and go on to become a successful Mutual Fund Investment Broker. Most would say she was ahead of her time; a sort of Renaissance woman. She co-founded a Cultural Arts Workshop on Long Island and brought her love for music, dance, and theatre to her community and the children that resided there. Roselyn’s beloved husband, Robert Polsky passed away at a young age but bravely she carried on with the family business, traveled the world, and had many more love relationships. Her daughters Beth Polsky and Fran Riemer remember her most for the special wonder and excitement she brought to their lives, her patience and mostly for her unconditional love and support.