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October 23, 2018

Allen Falber Allen Falber Allen Falber
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Condolence From: Nifer Fasman
Condolence: Mr. Falber was a wonderful educator and a kind human being. So sorry for your family’s loss.
Wednesday November 07, 2018
Condolence From: Kay Kobbe
Condolence: A Tribute to Allen…
Forest Church, former minister of All Souls Church in NYC, wrote before his own death, that “what is left when we die is the Love that we give away.” For Allen Falber, our dear friend and colleague, that is indeed the case. Allen gave his love away on a daily basis, to all ages of people and was a person who found happiness in bringing hearts together, giving non- judgmental attention to what might need tending. His acceptance of the human core in each of us and concern for individual well-being was an innate intention to witness and one to cherish.
Allen was a natural teacher who always supported his “students” whether at home with his much loved family, with his sister Elaine and brother Cary, most certainly with his mother, Ros,while engaging with friends and strangers or at Chatsworth Avenue School in his classroom. He went the extra mile consistently offering his perceptions from a positive and optimistic view. He stayed.
Allen had a gift of presenting a “Billy Crystal humor”, at times more than Crystal himself! His imitations and accents were infallible, direct and could be embarrassingly hysterical, as he isolated our very own characteristics and flawed behaviors into a type of lightness of being. He just made it “ok” to be Human. He played with words that we wished we had , and so often viewed us as earthly comics. We were in complete anticipation at staff gatherings ie: retirement parties when Allen stood up to MC whatever unfolded, and it always unfolded! Throughout time, I believe our group was perhaps closer due to his comical unifying role. He entertained.
Personally speaking, Allen was part of our wedding, “uncle” to our child, appeared at out- of -state funerals, and was a gift to my mother who visited once a year. Allen never forgot to be present for her to evoke and stir up love from the memories of her heart. She loved him like a son, as do so many of “his people”. His reaching out made a difference in our lives.
He gave.
Allen spread his Light wherever he was. It was wide and encompassing without being judgmental. He stepped back to listen, reflected for moments, and then gave his understanding with intuitive, practical, thoughtful and sometimes humorous expression. Allen embraced life and cared about our position within it. He was a caretaker; devoted husband, son and father; a prideful new grandfather, and invested friend. His Memorial reflected his genuine Spirit, and was a gathering of past and present. I felt overwhelming sadness and love at its conclusion. Although we are all grieving at the loss of his physical presence, I see him now, running through the voices and spirits of his dear children and through us all; a teacher, a Giving Soul. Grateful.
Monday October 29, 2018
Condolence From: sharon stein
Condolence: Reading through these messages, I am touched by how much Mr Falber meant to so many people, making each of us feel as individually special and respected as he was. Truly of all my teachers, THE teacher who stood out. I would often run into him at the train station during trips back home and it was always a treat. So sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing such a special person with all of us.
Monday October 29, 2018
Condolence From: Matt Futterman
Condolence: We spend so much of our lives questioning how we are spending our time, or feeling envious of some other group of people that seems to be getting more out of life. But I never felt that even for a moment on Mr. Falber's fourth grade class. You were exactly where you wanted to be. When he took a knee to speak with you eye-to-eye -- allowing you to feel on the same level as an adult -- you had the attention of the only person you needed.

What I wouldn't give for one more morning of listening to him read Lizard Music or The Westin Game or Tuck Everlasting.

We will miss you always.
Sunday October 28, 2018
Condolence From: The Hugon Family
Condolence: Our family was so saddened to hear of Allen Falber's passing. Our son, Eric, was in Mr. Falber's fifth grade class and was lucky to have him as well as a tutor for several years. He was an exceptional teacher, and such a caring and thoughtful person who truly loved teaching children. He also loved his family as he often spoke of them. It was Eric's best year at Chatsworth because of Mr. Falber. He was the favorite for everyone. Condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

- The Hugon's - Michel Kelley and Eric
Saturday October 27, 2018
Condolence From: Juliet FitzPatrick
Condolence: At chatsworth, mr.falber was the teacher that every student wanted. I was not lucky enough to have him, but the kind of affect he had on everyone in is path is an inspiration. He made every student at that school feel heard and seen at a time when we were beginning to struggle with who we were for the first time. Thank you Mr. Falber for everything!
Saturday October 27, 2018
Condolence From: Anthony Hosey
Condolence: Allen Falber is one of the reasons why I became a teacher. His warmth, kindness, humor and compassion were as real and as tangible as the books we read and the desks we sat in. The positive impact which these qualities had on the growth and development of his students cannot be underscored enough. Quite simply, Mr. Falber helped me to become conscious of the fact that I had worth as a student, and he encouraged me to take that worth and run with it as far as I could. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing. He was a wonderful man, a wonderful teacher, and I'm lucky and grateful to have experienced that wonder first hand.
Friday October 26, 2018
Condolence From: Alona Dadiani
Condolence: I was terribly saddened to hear of Allen's passing. He was quite simply one of the greatest and truest teachers I've known, and a significant, comforting guide to me personally as I was adjusting not only to a new country, but to learning English in my first full year at Chatsworth. Fortunately, I had the privilege of being one of Mr Falber's fifth grade students. Allen undoubtedly had and continued to impart an indelible spirit of learning and caring that extended well outside the classroom. I'm grateful I got to run into him a few years ago when my own mom fell ill and I was in the midst of relocating her to where I now live. It was so great to talk with him for those minutes and I'll cherish them as exemplary ones of how much regard and caring he gave me, even then. My deepest condolences to his family and all who were truly touched by Allen.
Friday October 26, 2018
Condolence From: Sara Neier
Condolence: Mr. Falber was one of the most influential figures of both my early education and childhood. His fame reached well beyond the Chatsworth 5th grade hallway as the teacher that could be anyone's best friend and be the most excited patron of any Hard Rock Cafe in the Philadelphia metro area. Mr.Falber was not only my teacher but also my friend. Mr. Falber tutored this bad math student for 4 years and turned me into the person in a friend group that calculates the tip, not an easy feat. I am indebted to Mr.Falber not only for my limited math skills but also my first mock trial case and forays into the field of social studies. Most of all I am indebted to him for the confidence he instilled in me and many other students to be bold in the classroom and answer questions rather than being shy and fearing being wrong. Without his years of tutoring and teaching I don't believe I could have found the same path to success in high school and college, both in theatre and politics, and my eventual path towards a legal career without his passion for teaching all students. Every former Chatsworth fifth grader including me was very lucky to know Mr Falber.
Friday October 26, 2018
Condolence From: Billy Kirkpatrick
Condolence: Mr. Falber was a beloved teacher at Chatsworth Ave School. He was so instrumental in shaping so many young minds and lives. The students at Chatsworth were so blessed and fortunate to be educated and mentored by such a great person.
Rest in peace Mr. Falber.
Thursday October 25, 2018